The Benefits of Travertine Pavers

Travertine Pavers have exploded in popularity as a flooring and landscaping option.  The natural stone add a rich depth and layer to any project.  Travertine pavers are especially useful in pool and patios.  Because of its cool temperature it will not overheat on hot days when the sun is out.  This is especially useful in Houston because typically people around a pool will be walking barefoot.  This natural insulation can prevent the burning of patrons walking around the pool at this time.  Travertine Pavers absorb water which is heavily beneficial in during rain seasons.  Additionally the stone resist freezing and thaw conditions.  This makes it one of the most durable options available. Pavers are able to hold their color throughout all weather conditions.  Concrete is often vulnerable to discoloration once the sun and other conditions begin impacting it after installation.  Travertine has an extended life time far greater then other stones.  It can last for over a century, so the likelyhood of you having to replace it are slim.  Maintenance and upkeep of travertine pavers in minimal, an optional annual sealant will be enough to ensure a long lasting paver.  Visually travertine pavers give a host of options we offer 16 types of  pavers. Our color options range from classic light to walnut.  Customers enjoy this range and flexibility that other stones do not offer.  Travertine Pavers have tremendous resale value as well, if you are ever to put your home on the market buyers tend to value travertine pavers more then concrete.

Over all travertine pavers are the best all around option for patio or pool decks. There are other options that can give you a great looking pool deck but none with the overall collection of benefits as travertine pavers.  It’s safe, water resistance, durable and value adding to any home.