What Travertine Floor Tile sizes are most well known in the USA?

The most well known sizes for indoor Travertine Tiles are French Pattern, 12×12, 16X16 and 18×18. 24×24 travertine tiles are likewise picking up fame among American homes. A few people even utilize travertine tiles for pool decks with a specific end goal to eliminate the material cost, since tiles are typically less expensive than pavers.


What is the distinction between Cross Cut and Vein Cut Travertine?

99% of the travertine which you see on the web or showed all through retail stores, for example, flooring organizations, pool manufacturers, home change organizations and so forth is naturally cross cut. This alludes to the default method for cutting the travertine squares which are reaped from the quarry. Keeping in mind the end goal to deliver vein cut travertine, the travertine squares are turned and the cuts happen over the vein. Consider it cutting a tree. You can cut a tree vertically or on a level plane. In the event that you cut it vertically, the veins turn out, same with Travertine.